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The CopPure Comfort Plush mattress features CuTEC (R) copper technology infused in two levels of the mattress to create a system known as the "Copper-Infused Sleep System". The CuTEC (R) copper fibers are scientifically proved to promote healthier skin and remove odor-causing bacteria for a fresh and clean sleep environment. The comfort plush (X3) mattress is the middle comfort level of the three CopPure mattresses offered in our showroom. 

CopPure Comfort Plush (X3)

  • Twin or Single or Bunk
    39″ x 75″

    Twin Extra Long
    39″ x 80″

    Full or Double
    54″ x 75″

    60″ x 80″

    76″ x 80″

    California King or King Extra Long
    72″ x 84″

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