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Tempur-Flat foundations are 30% lighter than previous models, with the same durability, weight capacity and strength.

Tempur-Up Foundations have an easy to operate wired remote to raise the head of the mattress up to 55 degrees.

Tempur-Ergo Bases allow full control of head and foot positions with wireless remote or even a smartphone.


Head Up Only

You can elevate the head up to 65 degrees. This is great for relaxing in bed, reading, watching TV – whatever you do in bed. Also can help reduce snoring, and helps people suffering from many health issues.

Head & Foot Up

Each end adjusts up to 65 degrees, also capable of a zero-gravity position – if you prefer. Can help increase circulation and reduce stress by relieving pressure points on the lumbar.

Head & Foot Up,

with Massage

This foundation has all of the above plus a full-body massage AND all the bells and whistles (except it doesn’t make your coffee . . . yet.) This is the best of the best, especially if you like the massage feature.

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